How change can make Utopia possible | The Artistics

Hey everyone! This post was written by me for the online magazine The Artistics, this month’s topic is Utopia. Be sure to check it out!


Utopia, the place that doesn’t exist. That idea of a perfect world where there’s no suffering, where everyone does for work what they like the most, where people coexist with each other, where corruption, discrimination, envy, hate, and all that is toxic for the human being, does not exist. And I’m not saying a world without anger, fear or sadness, because those emotions help us to actually treasure our positive emotions.

It’s an idea that, indeed, is appealing to people, and yet for some reason, that idea hasn’t turned into a plan, nor has been patented.

Why is that?

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Lena and Charlie | pt. 3

WARNING: Mature Content ahead. The following story may contain topics not suitable for all audiences.


Two Hurt People Healing each Other

The funny thing about humans is that, when we feel emotionally hurt, we can distract ourselves with physical pain to forget our emotional pain.

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