Has it happened to you that there’s an important exam the following day, and you just can’t stop procrastinating because the book is just too boring and it’s so warm inside and suddenly your body feels ready for a nice nap?

Well, if it’s not the case, I don’t see why you are still reading.

But if it is, then you’ve come to the right place!

Sometimes, teachers limit us to a certain kind of study technique. For example, my Spanish teacher from sixth grade. We had to write essays of EVERY topic we were learning, and when the bimonthly exams were near, we had to write an essay of EVERYTHING we had seen in class. If the essay wasn’t finished by the date of delivery, 20% of our final grade was lost. Plus, if the essays weren’t made properly (and there was a huge chance of that happening, like, gosh, we were sixth graders), we wouldn’t be able to study since we weren’t allowed to study from the books.

This makes us hate studying, and we instantly link the idea of study to boredom, difficulty and/or tediousness. Of course, it shouldn’t have to be this way, specially when the exam is a 50% of our final grade, right?

One, as a student (and also as a person) has to find their own way to learn, and it mostly depends on wether if you are visual, auditory or kinesthetic. And today, I will share with you some ways to learn in a funny, and personal way.

Visual People

  • Infographics. They are a great way of joining both information and attractive pictures, and can be as colorful as you want, as crazy as you want and as original as you want. You can find many websites where there are templates for infographics, such as Canva, Easel.ly, Genial.ly, or Infogr.am.
  • Flashcards. Flashcards are, well, cards, which contain words, symbols or pictures in one or both sides, and they’re used to acquire knowledge by memorising their content. For example, in one side of the card you put the picture of an apple, and since you are learning french vocabulary, you write in the back of the card the word “pomme”. This way you check your flashcards when you are revising, and your mind begins to memorise the content. You can use TinyCards by Duolingo, Ankicards, or GoConqr.
  • Presentations. And I’m not talking about the well-known Power Point, but newer and more creative platforms, such like Prezi, Knovio, or PowToon (which gives you the possibility to add animated characters to your presentations! Amazing, don’t you think?


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Auditory People

  • Puppets. Yes, okay, call me crazy, but it’s a method I’ve followed which not only has helped me, but has helped my classmates. Create a quick script about any topic you like (for example, Stone Age), decorate some socks you haven’t used for years, and record yourself while performing your own Puppet Play! Simple and weird as that.
  • Music. Create an specific playlist for each subject, and play it while you are reading your notes. Your mind will link what you are listening to what you are reading, and it will be easier for you to remember everything.
  • Recordings. Of course, you need to ask your teacher first, but if you have trouble remembering the tips your teacher gave you to solve the ecuation quicker, you can use the recorder of your phone in classes, and then listen to the lesson of the day in your room.
  • Websites like Wyzant are made to match tutors with students, that one contains a section called History & Politics Out Loud where users can listen to many events of history with original audio recordings of different speeches.

Kinesthetic People

  • Combine activities with studying. Kinesthetic people can do different activities such as exercising, drawing, or playing while revising, since as I mentioned above, their minds link what they are doing to what they are studying. Another good idea could be mime.
  • Academic Jenga. All you’ll have to do is write a question for each piece of the game, so every time someone has to take one out, they’ll also have to answer the question. If they can’t answer it, they must return the piece to the place they took it out.
  • Board Games. About a week ago our Religion teacher told us to make a board game with content about what we had seen in class as a project. My team decided to make a Monopoly, each property had to be bought with Holy Spirit Gifts (we replaced the worth of the Monopoly tickets with the gifts, making Wisdom worth $10 for example, and so on). It’s slow to do this kind of work, but at the end you’ll have learnt what you had to learn.

Are you visual, auditory, or kinesthetic? Do you know another way to study that has worked for you?

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