Lena and Charlie | pt. 2


One would always try to catch the other with the corner of their eye. Joseph knew they were attracted to each other, and he was happy with it. He knew they had many things in common thing that they didn’t know, and they both had the need of a special someone in their lives.

The mutual interest they yad increased day after day. He asked what her phone number was, and so they’d have chats that lasted hours. They also began to build new friendships, and all of their friends would mess with them by making Charlie “accidentally” stumble upon Lena, or by forcing Lena to say hi to Charlie.

Meanwhile, Joseph would ask him what his favorite colour was, or what he liked to do in the mornings… Personal facts Lena wanted to know. But also, he’d take pictures of her while she was talking with him, so he could send them to Charlie and so he could see them. All in order for them to fall for each other.

Oh, but they already had. Charlie loved getting a notification from Lena, and he would always reply as fast as you could. As for Lena, she loved knowing that Charlie wasn’t only attracted to her.

You see, Charlie cared and worried about her. He’d ask if everything was doing good everyday, and if it wasn’t, he’d listen what she had to say: how her relationship with her mother was changing, how she was suffering of panick attacks, how sometimes she had the thought that if she died, everything would get better. And after that, he’d try to make her smile or laugh.

Charlie wanted Lena to be fine, to feel comfortable and safe when they were talking. He wanted her to trust him, to free her thoughts and feelings.

Charlie wanted her. And she knew. And she also did.

The Great Ant Colony

4 thoughts on “Lena and Charlie | pt. 2

    • Antonio Llergo 21 April, 2018 / 5:52 PM

      Thank you :> 💙

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      • MHD 23 May, 2018 / 4:34 AM

        What ?


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