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Right, so you all know the typical fantasy story where there’s an orphan boy with a friend that is secretly in love with her, with amazing skills and also handsome and also talented and also basically perfect? Yes? Good. You might want to read this story ’til the very end.

Once upon a time in a place called “All in One Land”, lived an orphan boy called Stephen McCliché. Stephen lived with his evil uncle, who had a farm in which Stephen worked. He had a friend called Rachel who had been secretly in love with him since they were six, but she was shy and sadly, she had never told him.

In the village of All in One Land, a famous legend/prophecy/story existed, about an all-mighty sword that had the power to end the great tyranny that controlled them, which was dominated by Baldor the Great.

Somehow, Stephen found out he was the only one who could hold the Magical Sword and defeat Baldor the Great. He decided to go into a quest with his best friend Rachel to find that sword. They travelled across sand, snow, forests, volcanoes, mountains, seas, deserts, jungles, all kinds of ecosystems fantasy writers like to include when they’re writing (remember the land was conveniently called All in One Land). They battled trolls, encountered elves, rode unicorns, Stephen saved Rachel’s life like a milion times, gave her his food when she was hungry and all kinds of things macho men like to do.

After finding the sword (it was conveniently given by an old, unknown and wise wizard whose desire was for Baldor’s tyranny to end. Stephen and Rachel went to Baldor’s castle to confront him once for all. A fight began, but that was not a problem for Rachel because suddenly she was a master of nineteen different martial arts. She watched how a troll was preparing his bow to kill Stephen wth a poisoned arrow, and so she decided to save the love of her life by standing on its way. Stephen saw her sacrifice, and ran towards her.

“I love you,” she said while holding Stephen’s hand.

“I love you too, but, you know, as a sister,” he replied.

“What?? I literally just saved your life!!”

“Yeah, well… I wouldn’t call it that way. Actually, it was a dumb move. Turns out I’m not an orpham, I’m the son of a powerful goddess which makes me immortal.”

“What the hell?? How do you know that??,” yelled Rachel.

“Baldor told me while we were doing a sword duel. He is my mom’s corrupted ex boyfriend and looks like the quest was his plan to catch me all along.”

Rachels mind was blown.

“Well, doesn’t matter. Just kiss me before I die.”

“Yeah… about that… I’m not really into–“

“Into WHAT?”

“Into relationships, friendships, people in general. Oh, I also hapen to be very good at making people change their minds. And that’s what I’ll do.”

“You’ll fight Baldor?”

“Nah, I’ll convince him to take me as a coworker. The economy would rise again, y’know?”

Stephen joined Baldor, and turned him into an immortal because he could. They ruled forever and All in One Land became a cinematographic studio that attracted millions of tourists everyday.

The End.

The Great Ant Colony

5 thoughts on “Stephen McCliché and the Magical Sword | Writing World

  1. sfcamster 23 May, 2018 / 10:31 PM

    For some reason I did not see this until now. This was absolutely brilliant.

    Liked by 1 person

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