the annual dance of demons

This work written by a fellow blogger I’ve know for a couple of years it’s an interesting yet deep take on a situation that many people will find relatable. The foreshadowing of it is amazingly handled and you won’t stop reading until the very end, at least, you won’t want to stop. Read it and then go and follow her, you won’t regret it.

evie lee


Times & Dates: The Annual Dance of Demons begins roughly at 2:19 in the morning till the time you fall asleep in your own tears on your bedroom floor. Though, sometimes, they come at 8:27 on a Tuesday, like today, or 3:37 on a Sunday or 9:52 on a Friday. They never really have an exact schedule but you don’t have to worry about missing them– they will always make sure to find you.

Act One: Their First Act always seems like a magician’s trick. In delight they will ask for a volunteer from the crowd, rapturous voices bouncing off the stage and seats and walls. But despite how you never raise your hand and always make sure to sit in the darkest shadow in the back of the theater, they will always choose you. They will call your name even though you…

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  1. persephonesgirls 13 January, 2019 / 3:12 PM

    Thank youuu

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