My Rainy Camping Story


Sit down, grab a mug of hot cocoa and some marshmallows because you’re about to hear quite an interesting camping story.

I like camping. It’s a good escape of your daily routine: going to the woods, setting up tents, dealing with all sorts of insects, coexisting with nature, it’s good isn’t it?

I went camping for the first time when I was 14, it was the yearly camp my summer school would do. After having a party at the pool and eating pizza for dinner, we were getting ready to go to the wood fire to chill a bit, but it started raining. My group ran to the tent and we all got inside the bigger one to wait until the rain stopped, but then a coordinator of the place arrived and started shouting at us outside the tent telling us to hurry up and go outside because we were supposed to wait inside the halls with the other groups. So, we all ran there and when we arrived, we realized we had left our sleeping bags out there in our freaking tents.

That’s when I had the brilliant idea to go with some other guys to bring the sleeping bags. Yep, that’s some leadership right there. Thank you for your applauses.

There weren’t any umbrellas so we had no protection from the rain. After arriving there, we opened some random tent with the size of a regular bed and just started to throw inside as much sleeping bags as we could that we were finding inside some other tents. When the tent was full, all four of us carried the tent and went back to the halls. And yeah, it was heavy. as. hell.

Of course the coordinators got mad at us when we got back because we had no permission to do that, but hey! Everyone got to sleep well that nigh! (Although some had to share their sleeping backs because we couldn’t get them all, but fortunately they were big enough for sharing, so don’t worry)

And that was it folks! Do you have a funny camping story too? If yes, and you’re not embarrassed enough to share them in the comments, do it lol.

Have a nice day y’all!

The Great Ant Colony

11 thoughts on “My Rainy Camping Story

  1. Shay 21 February, 2019 / 2:58 PM

    I went camping as part of this expedition I had to do for duke of Edinburgh award. We planned on where we were gonna sleep each day after our hike but the teachers made us change our third site and picked some random one they said would be fine. When we got there, it was a sheep graveyard. Dead sheep and bones and blood EVERYWHERE. We ended up sleeping in a field with tarantula burrows. I also woke up and opened my tent to a fresh pat of poo right outside my tent door. Apart from that, it was pretty fun 😂

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  2. sfcamster 20 February, 2019 / 8:13 PM

    I have been camping twice and I’ve got some stories to give lol

    Give me some time and I’ll tell you a tale.

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