Extra points and confidentiality

School’s over for me, and yet I’ve been thinking about all the stuff that happened to me this year, and then I remembered something that wasn’t pleasant to experience but at the end worthy of being shared. Have you guys ever been really disappointed by a teacher? Because I have, and let me tell you, it’s definitely not cool.

So a little bit of background, when I was a sophomore I had this assignature called “Reading and Writing Workshop”. My school has two teachers that teach it, a man and a woman who we shall call “Mrs Star”. I had the assignature with the male teacher, but I knew Mrs Star, and my friends who had class with her would tell me that they loved her, A LOT. So when I knew that I would be taking Literature with her the following year, as a junior, I was really excited.

When I entered 11th grade, not only did I confirm that she was going to give us Literature, but also discovered that she was going to be my group teacher. And that was amazing, but then things started to not being “so amazing”.

We got to know her more and discovered some things about her that we really didn’t like, things like being kinda petty, overweening, prideful, etc. We still managed to handle it though, but one thing that happened right before school was over was the drop that spilled the glass.

See, I was the group leader of my class, and so, for an activity that the school had for all the juniors, I had to write the names of my classmates in a piece of paper and then deliver it to our Biology and Physics teacher, so that the people who participated in the activity would win an extra point for their final notes. I was very cautious about it, wrote down the names of the ones who did work, and then saved it.

When the time arrived for me to deliver it to my teachers, I waited until everyone was out of the classroom and gave each one of them a copy of the list, they thanked me and added the extra points to the people they belonged to.

Then, revision day arrived, and each student had to pass with the teacher to verify their notes. First it was the Physics class. I had to keep my best poker face when some of my classmates noticed they didn’t have the extra point so that they wouldn’t know I was the one who didn’t include them on the list. When they asked the Physics teacher, I was expecting that he would say “Oh, just ask Antonio, he gave me the list”.

But instead, he just replied with “I got an authorized list that had the names of the students that earned the point, if you aren’t there I’m sorry”. Then my classmates answered angrily “WHAT? WHY? WHO GAVE YOU THE LIST?”, and my teacher said “It’s the authorized list, that’s all”. And I was like “OH MY GOD THANK YOU”.

(Just to clarify though, those students really didn’t deserve the extra point. They were walking around the school while the other ones were working hard. SMH).

Then Biology class came, and same thing. My teacher would call every student and we had to verify our notes. Then my same classmates noticed they also didn’t have the extra point on their final note and went to argue with my teacher. I also was expecting her to say that I was the one responsible for that, but instead she just said “They gave me an authorized list of the people who participated on the activity, if you aren’t there it means you don’t deserve the extra point. That’s it”. Then my classmates went “WHO GAVE YOU THE LIST?”, and she replied with “it’s none of your business, this is an authorized list, therefore you are not allowed to have an extra point”. Of course I was damn relieved about it, because I really didn’t want any trouble with my classmates, and my teachers kept the thing confidential.

BUT THEN, MY CLASSMATES DECIDED TO ASK MRS FREAKING STAR WHY THEY DIDN’T HAVE THE EXTRA POINT. And I thought, “oh, she’s the one who asked me to make the list, and she’s my group teacher, I’m sure she’ll be as prudent as the other teachers”. And you know what she told them? “Hey, I don’t know, Antonio made the list. Ask him”.


Of course, as you may have already guessed, they all came to me and basically started throwing lots of unfriendly words and phrases to me regarding my life, mother, and related things. Thank you very much teacher šŸ™‚

Guys, I was right next to her. Right. Next. To. Her. She even pointed at me and shrugged it off. Like. Ughhhhhhhhh. My science teachers weren’t even responsible for my group, they would have easily told them and save themselves of any trouble, but they. kept. it. private.

And thanks to Mrs Star I finished the semester conflicted with around 40% of my classmates. Thank you very much Mrs Star, I really appreciate it.

(History is better anyways)

Do you guys have a similar experience? I’d be glad to know I’m not the only one who has experienced this sort of thing lol.


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